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Got Questions?

When are nominations accepted for the 2022 Awards?

Nominations will open in February and close in May.

How do I nominate someone?

Every award category gives you the opportunity to nominate you or someone else.

Can I self-nominate?

Yes. We encourage everyone to nominate deserving individuals within the African Entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem – including yourself!

Can I nominate in more than one category?

Yes. Remember each nomination must be customized to the award criteria for that award. Please do not cut-and-paste.

Can I attach additional information to my nomination?

Yes. Attach as many supplemental documents to the nomination form as you would like. The more information provided the less research required by our adjudication committee.

Does it cost money to nominate?

Never! Nominate once or all the time – we will never charge our community money to nominate ecosystem champions.

Can I get involved as a volunteer?

We have a role as an Ecosystem Partner. You may express your interest in joining our team as an Ecosystem Partner for the 2022 Africa Startup Ecosystem Builders Summit & Awards HERE.

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