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About Us

Welcome to the Africa Startup Ecosystem Builders Summit and Awards (ASEB) website, the premier platform celebrating and honoring the remarkable contributions of ecosystem builders shaping Africa’s entrepreneurial landscape.

ASEB was born out of the visionary mind of McKevin Ayaba, the Founder of Setup A Startup, who recognized the immense potential and transformative power of Africa’s startup ecosystem. With a deep passion for fostering collaboration, empowering startups, and driving innovation, McKevin sparked the idea of creating a summit that would bring together ecosystem builders, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders to share knowledge, forge partnerships, and inspire one another.



Our vision is to nurture a thriving and inclusive startup ecosystem across Africa. We aspire to create a landscape where entrepreneurship is celebrated, where innovation is the norm, and where every individual, regardless of background, has access to the resources and support they need to succeed.

Our goal is to spotlight and empower the architects of change—the ecosystem builders who play a critical role in fostering economic growth and enabling social transformation throughout the continent. We envision a future where these leaders are recognized as catalysts for innovation and opportunity.

Through ASEB, we are dedicated to building an entrepreneurial culture that is both dynamic and sustainable, ensuring that Africa’s economic future is bright and that its opportunities are shared equitably among all its citizens. We believe in a continent empowered by its own people, where entrepreneurship thrives and creates lasting impact for generations to come


ASEB is committed to bolstering the startup ecosystems across Africa by:

Celebrating excellence in ecosystem building through our annual awards, recognizing those who have made outstanding contributions to fostering entrepreneurship.

Facilitating impactful exchanges of knowledge and ideas, providing a platform for Africa’s thought leaders, innovators, and builders to connect and collaborate.

Inspiring action and empowerment among current and future entrepreneurs by highlighting successful models and stories of innovation.

Strengthening networks within and beyond Africa’s borders, enhancing cooperation and resource-sharing among ecosystem players.

Our Executive Team

McKevin Ayaba

Founder and Convener

Chasing Mavericks

Marketing, Communications, and PR Partner for ASEB

Seja Kekana

Board Chair: Setup A Startup

Board Members

Our board member’s expertise in strategic oversight and their deep industry insights contribute significantly to shaping the direction of ASEB. With a background that spans venture capital, technological innovation, policy development, Marketing, Communications and ecosystem development, they ensure that ASEB’s activities are both visionary and grounded in practical strategies for sustainable growth.

Marietjie Engelbrecht

Group Chief of Staff at UVU Africa Group

Ian Lorenzen

Director at GrowthAfrica

Gugu Khathi

Industrial & Trade policy analyst, and Gender Activist

Dr. Patrice Habinshuti, PhD

Entrepreneur and Business Development Expert

ASEB is a catalyst for change, a beacon for innovation, and a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit that defines Africa. We are more than an annual summit and awards program; we are a year-round initiative dedicated to advancing economic development through entrepreneurship.

We warmly invite you to explore our initiatives, participate in our events, or contribute to our mission. Whether as a board member, partner, a participant, or a supporter, your involvement can help shape the future of entrepreneurship in Africa.

For more details, visit our website, or reach out to us directly to discover how you can be part of this exciting journey. Together, we can drive the growth and success of Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystems.

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