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Africa Startup Ecosystem Builders Summit and Awards (ASEB Summit) is an initiative of Setup A Startup. The initiative is designed to bring together builders of startup ecosystems to help accelerate the emerging field of ecosystem building, by collaboratively creating tools, resources, and knowledge to better support communities that empower the makers, doers, and dreamers in our communities, in other words, entrepreneurs.

Setup A Startup(SAS) licensed the first regional startup awards in Africa in 2017, starting with the Southern Africa Startup Awards which connected over 6500 startups from 15 SADC countries now in five African regions. While the Awards were a great success, and there’s no denying that Africa has an abundance of innovative tech talent, it is apparent that the continent’s entrepreneurs lag far behind their global peers when it comes to startup support, access to resources and being investment-ready.

Setup A Startup has been supporting technology focused entrepreneurs for over five years. We are a not for profit organisation at the centre of the Africa tech and innovation ecosystem. Our focus is connecting and supporting startup ecosystem builders cross Africa and the entrepreneurs they serve. Our mission is to foster a sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem in Africa.

We do this by curating a range of events and content to encourage our community to share ideas and learn from each other. Our activities focus on strengthening individuals, organizations and programs that allow startup founders and entrepreneurs to develop knowledge and skills, start a new and innovative business, or grow an existing one; and strengthening communities to have more supportive environments for entrepreneurs, including policies, practices, and programs. It is said; “If entrepreneurship is the life blood of the economy, ecosystem builders are the circulatory system, the arteries and veins that facilitate the flow of ideas, resources, connections, and collaborations in the startup ecosystems”-Hence the Africa Startup Ecosystem Builders Summit.


We have secured media partnership with SABCNetwork. We are in communications with more media partners around the continent. We will be able to showcase brands, connect large organisations, and individuals and be your eyes on the ground – all at the same time.

Working with us will enable your organisation to become an integral part of the global entrepreneurship and startup community.

Partnerships are available in multiple areas including sponsorships (sponsorships are generally offered by corporates, tech companies, social enterprises and/or government entities with an interest in fostering a sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem in their communities). We also have event partnerships (these include venue, presentations, marketing material, printing, etc).

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